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Battlefield 3: End Game flaunts Air Superiority

Battlefield 3 End Game
Despite having spent hours with Battlefield 3 (Roxio hd pro), my jet-setting career has been far from illustrious. A few minutes soaring high above the carnage below, an idle attempt to shoot something and, inevitably, a nose-first crash into a building while desperately hoping no-one was looking. Even with my gross incompetence, I’m looking forward to End Game’s Air Superiority (Xbox recording software) mode. The 12 vs. 12 dogfights look like just the intensive crash course in aerobatic aptitude that I need. In preparation for End Game’s March release, DICE have unveiled the mode’s very first screenshot.

Is that a blimp in the distance? Maybe Air Superiority (Roxio HD game capture) means bonus points for taunting slower, more primitive aeronautic efforts.
read more: http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/02/28/battlefield-3-end-game-flaunts-air-superiority/

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